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  • Standard Poodle Puppy

    Sintaro Kennels puppy

    Hi Ronda, We just wanted to let you know that Cole is doing great. He is completely house trained. He now rings a bell to go potty, but also to let the cat in, or to tell you he wants to go out and play. He knows the names of some of his toys. He loves to play frisbee and is a very good retriever. He likes it best when he can catch his frisbee or ball in the air, but he can’t always do that. he hasn’t yet figured out how to run ahead to get the frisbee as it flies through the air. He loves to harass the cat putting her entire head into his mouth. She cries and hisses but then entices him to chase her so I don’t think she really is that upset with him. He is battling an ear infection in his left ear but we got some Zyox and that seems to be clearing it up. I’m not sure how he got it. Here is a picture of the two of us last Sunday on my 50th birthday. The other is Cole and his Big Foot squeeky and frisbee. We hope you are well and we will keep in touch. Warmly, Karen, Butch, Cole and the boys.

  • New Poodle Puppy

    I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you so much for Roxy, she is just incredible! We are so very happy with her I can't even tell you, she is just perfect for our family. We all are just enjoying her so much she is so wonderful. Thanks so much! I just wanted to give you a update. Have a Great evening!

  • Standard Poodle Puppy

    Sintaro Rip Roarin To GoVet check 100% okay today, including the pronouncement of "a very stable temperament." He's so active and playful, very animated in all his movements, athletic, vocal (not in a negative way), and SMART! See how alert he is in the photo! He's also a great snuggler; and he walks right at my heels even off leash in the building and in my apt. When I move, he is right with me. He's already walking well on leash and answers to his name and comes right to me when called. He looks to be a natural retriever. I'm really enjoying getting to know him! I extended the name, as you see in the captioning, as he continues to create his name. I think of him as very spirited! Call name is still Rory.
    Will be in touch. Thanks for a wonderful puppy — ALL poodle. :-D

  • Standard Poodle Puppy

    Hi, Ronda,
     Oh, this marvelous puppy! He's a handful; luckily he can have the most of my attention during this formative time. And he's carrying out his photographer's assistant responsibility quite well already. I am practicing ACTION photography on him! 

    We've had our first puppy class. Dana was favorably impressed, though no time to go into specifics. "He'll do just fine." I think she meant as a Service Dog, but I'll keep you posted as we go. She also said he was a "beautiful pup." 
    As to the AKC registration papers: since he will not be a show dog, what is the etiquette involved in using your kennel name in his name. Is that okay? 
    Hope all is well with you. Did you find a home for the big white boy of the litter? And the other 2 girls? 
    Best regards,