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  • Thanks, Love our new puppy.


    Just to let you know that Walker and I are in LOVE. He is the most precious little man. I loved my other male Brownies which passed away last year but Walker is something special.

    He is playful, independent at times, cuddly at times and is always happy. My husband adores him as well.

    Thanks to Rhonda and you for breeding such a lovely boy.


    Nathalie Belair

    Attitude Reg d.

  • Charlie from Sintaro Kennels

    My 2 1/2 year old Charlie is doing great. He even was on TV last week with Mark Peterson as a part of pr I was doing for a client. Learned from Mark that he has always wanted a standard poodle. I told him to look you up when time was near. He is currently in throws of raising young children with a English Sheepdog --- so time is not right. But I have sent him to your website --- (and as I recall English Sheepdog longevity is not all that long.) Some time --- in the next few years --- will be seeking a smaller companion for Charlie and me --- maybe a miniature poodle who is almost as sweet as my standard. Nedra

  • We love our new puppy!

    The kids named the puppy Sabina. We were thinking it would be nice if her name sounded kind of like Sophie’s. She is so smart. She is already learning how to sit, lay down, walk on a leash, and go potty outside. She has had very few accidents in the house. Jordan wanted me to tell you that he held her on his lap one day while she slept. He wants you to know that he thinks she is an awesome dog!

    Thanks again Ronda. I am so happy that we made the trip out to Spokane in order to pick up our little dolly. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and I look forward to many years with her.

    Take care,

  • Puppy's New Home

    Hi Ronda,
      We named our puppy Diamond and she is doing very well with the family. You did an excellent job selecting her for us. She likes to cuddle and is very tolerant of the kids. She is a little nippy but I guess puppies just nip a lot and we have a trainer coming in to help us with that -- but if you have any tips, we'll take them.
      My 9-year-old likes to brush Diamond and she seems like it too. Funny, I can't get him to automatically comb his own hair but he makes sure the dog is brushed.
      I attached a photo of Diamond hanging out with my 4-yea-old. She is a very sweet dog. She's been to the vet and the vet was surprised by her calm demeanor.
      Thank you so much for delivering such a wonderful pup.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!